Arochem Industries Pvt. Ltd.

About Arochem Industries

Our journey begins with our founder Mr. Sureshchandra Gandhi, who graduated from the first batch of Chemical Engineering in UDCT University in 1955. He started the company Arochem Industries, a dyestuff intermediates manufacturer as a family owned business.

  • 1961


    We began operations manufacturing our first product called Resist Salt at our unit in Dombivli. The capacity then was 10 metric tonnes per month.

  • 1971


    We moved our manufacturing unit to a much larger space in Vapi, Gujarat. Production of Resist Salt began with a capacity of 55 metric tonnes per month. We were the first company with this kind of capacity at that time in India for our particular product.

  • 1976


    We expanded our capacity to 100 metric tonnes per month, as customers started preferring our product quality and services.

  • 1980


    We started adding to our bottom line by starting to manufacture Metanilic Acid which is a value added downstream product of Resist Salt.

  • 1981


    Mr. Nilesh Gandhi joined the company, and he expanded our export market reach to eastern countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. Mr. Sureshchandra also made a breakthrough in our manufacturing process through his R&D which enabled us to recover a high-value product called 3’3’ DNDS which is used for aerospace applications.

  • 1986


    We diversified through forward integration, introducing our second product called Metanilic Acid which is used as OBA in several industries such as textile printing and pigments. Mr. Sureshchandra also pioneered the technology to manufacture Resist salt in the granular form which was highly appreciated by our export customers as it was a non-dusting form of the product. We were the first company to export it in granular form from India.

  • 2014


    We became a Private Ltd. company from a partnership structure. A UK based company called Exochem Ltd. joined us as 50% stakeholders bringing in fresh capital. We also diversified further by doing forward integration of Metanilic Acid to Aniline 2:5 Disulphonic Acid which is also a high-value OBA agent used in paper, textile and pigments industries.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to become the first company in India to manufacture all the products under our vertical and become a leading manufacturer/exporter in our line of products from India.

We have the credibility of existing in the market for over 50 years and thus having acquired a huge experience in our field and perfecting our quality and production process over the years. We have setup a dedicated quality control laboratory and R&D department to continue innovating better ways of sustaining quality and improve manufacturing efficiency.

We see our mission as not only that of a custom manufacturer, but as a company where we aim to reach the end-user market with tailor-made products designed to meet the customer's requirement. Our motto is customer's satisfaction.

Why us?

We have got recognition in the market by establishing ourselves as a leading manufacturer of dyestuff intermediates manufacturer. Our client-centric approach has supported us in maintaining the wide client base. Some of reasons that have played key role in our success are:

  • Experienced Team
  • Minimal Lead time
  • Research & Development
  • Quality Control
  • Large Production Capacity

Our People

Based on our commitment to stay ahead of the traditional market, we are incorporating our employees as part of a creative force that constantly explores opportunities and improvements in order to create new product features and adopt new process in production and supply chain.

Arochem Industries continues to invest in expanding its capabilities. We strive to create a pleasant working environment for our workforce to ensure maximum efficiency possible. Consumers expect and deserve the best and our vast experience in developing dyestuff intermediates helps us keep up with the ever changing needs of different market segments.