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Aniline 2:5 Disulfonic Acid

It is a product derived from forward integration of Metanilic Acid also used as OBA for whitening purposes in paper industry and fluorescent dyes in pigments industry. Current Capacity of 100 metric tonnes per month. Its appearance is a white powder.


Chemical Name - Aniline 2.5 Disulphonic Acid
Synonyms - 2-amino 1.4-benzenedisulphonic acid
- 2.5 disulfoaniline4 Sulphometanilic acid
Molecular Weight (as free acid) - 253 gm/mol.
Molecular Weight (as sodium salt) - 275.5 gm/mol.
Chemical Formula - C6H7N S2O6
Description - Moist white powder
Solubility - Almost transparency in hot water
Insolubles - 0.15% minimum
Packing - Standard packaging size ranges from 20-50kgs depending on customer specifications jumbo bags range from 350-700kgs.
Hazard - H315:Causes skin irritation
- H319:Causes serious eye irritation