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Metanilic Acid

It is used as an optical brightening agent in textile and pigments industry. Current capacity 150 metric tonnes per month. Similar to resist salt in appearance and form, except it is white to pinkish in colour.


- M-Sulfanilic acid
- M-Aminobenzenesulfonic acid
- M-Anilinesulfonic acid
Synonyms - Monosodium salt
Molecular Weight - 173.2
Chemical Formula - C6H7NO3S
Description - Slight pinkish white to off white coloured powder
Purity - 98% min
Solubility - Freely soluble giving almost clear solution with traces of insolubles
Insolubles - 0.1% max
Packing - Standard packaging size ranges from 20-50kgs depending on customer specifications jumbo bags range from 350-700kgs.
Hazard - Harmful if swallowed [Warning Acute toxicity, oral]
- Harmful in contact with skin [Warning Acute toxicity, dermal]
- Harmful if inhaled [Warning Acute toxicity, inhalation]
Storage - >300 °C (lit.)