Arochem Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Resist Salt

It is a primary dyestuff intermediate used in pigments and electroplating industry. Our current capacity is approx. 200 metric tonnes per month. It comes in wet cake form, powder form and small granular pills which is a non-dusting form. All forms can vary in quality and purity in terms of moisture and other insoluble content. The colour is white to yellowish off-white.


Chemical Name - Sodium Meta Nitro Benzene Sulfonate
- Meta Nitro Benzene Sulphonic Acid Sodium Salt
- Meta Nitro Benzene Sulphonate
Synonyms - Nitro Benzene 3 Sulphonic Acid Sodium Salt
Molecular Weight - 225.2
Chemical Formula - CHONSN645a
Description - White to light yellow powder
Purity - 96% min
PH - 6 to 9
Solubility in 20% water - Complete
Insolubles - 0.1% max
Uses - It is a principal dye intermediate for thesynthesis of amino anthraquinone, used in textile printing manufacturing chemicals for electroplating.
Packing - Standard packaging size ranges from 20-50kgs depending on customer specifications jumbo bags range from 350-700kgs.
Hazard - No health hazard
Storage - Stable for years und